Written by Mariah Carey, Jermaine Dupri and Brian Michael Cox
Produced by Mariah Carey, Jermaine Dupri

See I'm going through a situation
That I can't help
Wanna get a little closer
But I promised myself
That I would never give my heart
Away again
Oo oo babe, I know it's hard
But you gotta understand it
The truth is all the hurt and the pain
And the shit that you get
When you have it
Ain't worth it
I've been there so many times
I should know better but I
Cant stop what I feel
When youre next to me
I really think I

[Chorus:] Finally found somebody
That could be the one
But I promised myself
That I wouldn't give in to love
And I'm scared
And I'm nervous
Don't wanna be hurt anymore
This is bad
cause I know that you're the one

(baby you're the one)
(baby you're the one)

See the problem with relationships
In general is that it's always a game
In the beginning they'll do
Anything to have you
And once they do it's never the same
And I, know everyone out there can relate
So the question is
One: do I really wanna trust this feeling
Two: do I wanna let it pass me by
Three: do you think it's only superficial
Four: could it actually be different this time
Someone to love me
Someone to be my everything
Maybe I've stumbled upon

[Repeat Chorus]

[Guitar Solo]

Oh baby
Sweet darling

[Repeat Chorus]

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